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by Kieran McCarthy


CUPS & SHIELDS DRAWS 2016 – First round matches will be played prior to hosting week-end in most of the Cups & Shields Tournaments.

JIMMY  BRUEN – 14th/15th May 2016

East Section at Youghal Golf Club

Round 1: Sunday 8th May at 2pm

Dunmore East v Williamston, 2.40pm: Faithlegg v Gold Coast

Round 2: Saturday 14th May at 8.30am

Winners Dunmore East.Williamston v Waterford Castle

9.10am: Dungarvan v Tramore,

9.50am: West Waterford v Youghal

10.30am: Lismore v Winners Faithlegg/Gold Coast


Pierce Purcell 28th/29th May 2016

East Section at Waterford Castle Golf Club

Round 1: Tramore v West Waterford, Youghal v  Waterford Castle

Round 2: Winners Tramore/West Waterford v Lismore

Williamstown v Golf Coast, Faithlegg v Dungarvan

Dunmore East v Winners Youghal/Waterford Castle


Irish Mixed Foursomes 18th/19th June 2016

East Section at Gold Coast Golf Club

Round 2: Lismore v Gold Coast, Waterford Castle v Dungarvan

Tramore v Youghal


Barton Shield 9th/10th July 2016

East Section at Co. Tipperary Golf Club

Round 1: Ballykisteen v Tipperary, Mitchelstown v Co. Tipperary

Clonmel v Dungarvan, Williamstown v Waterford Castle,

Thurles v Gold Coast, Youghal v Slievenamon,

Faithlegg v West Waterford, Carrick on Suir v Tramore


Junior Cup 2nd/3rd July 2016

East Section at Faithlegg Golf Club

Round 1: Lismore v Dungarvan

Round 2: Winners Lismore/Dungarvan v Waterford Castle

Gold Coast v Faithlegg, West Waterford v Youghal,

Tramore v Williamstown


Senior  Cup 25th/26th June 2016

East Section at West Waterford Golf Club

Round 1: Carrick On Suir v Dungarvan, West Waterford v Gold Coast,

Clonmel v Youghal, Tramore v Mitchelstown,

Williamstown v Thurles, Slievenamon v Faithlegg,

Waterford Castle v Ballykisteen

Round 2: Winners Williamstown/Thurles v Tipperary.


GUI All Ireland  Inter Club Four-Ball Championship 2016

Provincial Section

Michael Cashman Munster Club Fourball

East Section – Round 1

Ballykisteen v Cahir Park

Mitchelstown v Slievenamon

Williamstown v Tramore

Waterford Castle v Faithlegg

Gold Coast v West Waterford

Round 2:

BYES: Thurles, Templemore, Youghal

The  competition is open to all male amateurs aged 30 or over on 1st Jan in the year of the event. The lowest handicap permitted is 16, and the lowest handicap of a pair will be 36. Format: Fourball, Matchplay off scratch, home and away. Each team will consist of five pairings. Four card eligibility will apply with the handicap the lowest previous year. No caddies permitted.

In each round, except in the final, the competing teams shall on the same day, play three matches on the course of one of the teams and two matches on the course of the other team . The course on which the three matches shall be played shall be on the course of the club drawn first in each round. Following completion of Round 1, there will be a draw for Round 2 to include winners of Round 1 and 1st Round Byes. No referees until Munster Finals. Neutral venues for Area Finals and Provincial Semi Finals

Round 1 to be completed by 12th June

Round 2 to be completed by 3rd July

Round 3 to be completed by 17th July

Round 4 to be completed by 31st July

Semi Final to be completed by 14th August

Munster Finals 28th August at East Cork Golf Club


Irish Junior Foursomes 2016 (Friday 25th March at 10am Gold Coast Golf Club)

Dungarvan 10am – Faithlegg 10am – Gold Coast 10.16am – Tramore 10.16am – Waterford Castle 10.32am – West Waterford 10.32am – Youghal 10.40am

Round 1 – 1 Qualifier from each venue.


Fred Daly Trophy 2016 – Monkstown Golf Club 17th April at 1.30pm

Youghal v winners Mallow/Mahon

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