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by Martina Crowe

WHS Goes Live 2nd November 2020

You will all have heard about WHS over the last number of months.  Well the time has finally arrived for its launch.  On 2nd November we will be moving to the World Handicap System with the final transfer of data taking place. Your Handicap Secretaries have attended webinars with Golf Ireland and are currently studying the transferred data in preparation of the move to the new system. During the month of November they will continue to review the data on all your handicaps but for all us our handicaps will change!


There are some new terms that you will need to be aware of –  ‘Handicap Index’ ‘Course Handicap’ and ‘Slope Rating’.  CSS is replaced with PCC – Playing Conditions Calculation


You will have a ‘handicap index’  this is used to calculate your ‘Playing Handicap’, which will vary depending on the course you play. Each course will have its own ‘slope rating’ according to the difficulty of the course and therefore your ‘playing handicap’ will be different in all clubs.


How is your handicap index calculated?

The handicap index is averaged on your best 8 rounds from the previous 20 rounds played in qualifying competitions over the past three years.


How do you get to your Course handicap?

The computer at the club should do this for you. Handicap index x slope rating divided by 113 (which is the average slope rating).


How do you get to your playing handicap?

The computer will do this for you but the formula to work out your playing handicap for any club is:

Course Handicap x Handicap Allowance

Handicap Allowance for Individual Stroke Play – 95%

Handicap Allowance for Individual Stableford – 95%

All handicap allowances can be found on the notice boards and on GolfNet.


We have posted Slope Rating for Youghal Golf Club in the clubhouse and they will remain posted on the noticeboards.  Did you know you can also check slope rating of any course Worldwide on the following link:

The Course Rating/Slope Rating for Youghal Golf Club is as follows:

New Course:

Slope Rating New Course

Men Blue:  72.1/131

Men White: 71.1/128

Men Yellow: 69.5/126

Women Red: 74.2/128

Women Red 9 Hole: 71.4/120


Old Course:

Slope Rating Old Course

Men Blue: 70.1/128

Men White: 69.1/125

Women Red: 72.2/124


Members will be able to log in and see their handicap index on the Golf Ireland website:

Please bear with us as we move forward with this new system and allow your Handicap secretaries the time to review the full detail of changes to handicaps for all members.

We will keep you updated with further information and will send on links to the many resources available to familiarise yourself with the WHS.  This information will be shared through the Communication feature on ClubV1, so please ensure you have your email added to ClubV1 and choose to accept email notifications from your club.


Youghal Golf Club Handicap Secretaries

Tim Mason & Martina Crowe

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WHS Goes Live 2nd November 2020