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by Martina Crowe

Youghal Golf Club Divot Repair System


As you may have now seen we have a new Divot Repair system in place, a very special thanks should go out to all members who have supported this:

  • The sign came from the money raised by the Last Man Standing fundraiser organised by Course Manager Philip Crowe
  • The rack system came from one of our members – Maurice Buckley
  • The bags were purchase by another member – who wishes remain anonymous
  • The bunker has been recycled from below at the first / relocated to it’s new position
  • The racking system was put in place by Maurice Smiddy


Therefore cost to the Club is €0.00


We would appreciate all members using this system to ensure our course is kept in top condition now that we are back playing on the fairways.    Please take a bag to repair your divots during your round of golf and return bag to the racking system once you’ve finished your round.

This has been a joint effort by Course Manager Philip Crowe, Greenskeeper Maurice Smiddy and members of Youghal Golf Club who simply want to ensure we maintain our course to the highest standard.  We greatly appreciate all members efforts in using this new system and in particular those members who were instrumental in having this system in place.






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