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by Martina Crowe

Youghal Golf Club – GDPR Policy


In line with new regulations please find our GDPR Policy below:



Youghal Golf Club is committed to the protection and safeguarding personal data you have provided us with.  We want you to know that you can trust us to keep your personal information safe as required by the Genera Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which came into law on 25th May 2018.  We set out below the information the Club holds on you, why we hold it and who it is shared with.  The Club has appointed Katie Flavin (Hon. Secretary) and Alexis Long (Secretary) as Data Protection Officers.  We will be happy to assist you with any queries you may have in respect of your rights under GDPR and can be contacted at or by a letter marked for our attention.

The club utilises Club Systems and BRS on line booking systems on which personal data is processed.


This system is used for general administration of the club in respect of membership.  Personal data held on this system includes:



Date of Birth

Mobile and/or landline phone number

Email address


Bank Details

This data is used to communicate with you in respect of your membership including renewal and to communicate with you in relation events happening within the club.  Your phone numbers and email address may be shared with the Club Professional and other members for the purpose of arranging matches and other golf related matters.  In addition your date of birth is recorded to ensure that any age related benefits are applied to you in good time.  It may also be shared with team managers and GUI for the purpose of selecting and entering teams for competitions which have minimum and maximum age entry rules.  Your bank details are recorded if you are availing of this facility to pay your annual subscription.


This system is used for booking golf.  The personal data held on this system includes:



Date of Birth

Mobile and/or landline phone number

Email address

 Hard Copy Records

The club also holds the following hard copy personal records:

Membership Application Forms

Medical Certificates

Membership Application Forms are maintained for historical records and to validate details in respect of members.  Medical certificates are held only in respect of members who have been approved to use motorised buggies in competitions and/or members who have been approved for leave of absence.


The club has installed a number of CCTV cameras in the clubhouse, the environs of the clubhouse and car park.  These cameras are used only for security purposes and for the safety of our members and visitors.  Images on the cameras are retained for a period of one month.  They are viewed by authorised staff and shared only with the Garda Siochana in the event of a report of a security breach or possible criminal activity.


From time to time the club takes photographs of players on the course and at presentations and social events.  These photographs may be posted on the Club website and Social Media pages.  This is done purely for social purposes.


As a member you have the right to gain access to your personal records and to request the Club to amend any personal data that is incorrect or out of date.  You may also request a copy of your personal records.  In order to do this you should contact the office and complete a Data Access request form.  Under GDPR the Club has up to one month to process a request but in all cases we will endeavour to deal with your request as soon as possible.  In order to view or obtain a copy of your personal data you must present yourself at the office and provide proof of identification.  You also have the right to limit or restrict the use of your personal data by notifying the Club’s Data Protection Officer.  You should be aware that it is necessary for the club to hold certain data in order to facilitate your membership of the Club.


The Club takes its responsibilities under GDPR very seriously and it will use its best endeavours to ensure that your data is kept securely and is processed and/or shared strictly in accordance with the Law.  Only persons with a legitimate and lawful reason will have access to your data and it will not be shared with anyone without your specific consent.  We undertake to deal with any access requests as quickly as possible and to seek your permission if there is need to process your data outside the parameters set out in this policy document.

We reserve the right to make alterations from time to time to our Privacy Policy without prior notice.  You are advised to check our Club Website ( regularly.


Any queries you have in respect of your rights under GDPR should be addressed to the Data Protection Officer.


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Youghal Golf Club – GDPR Policy