Youghal - Youghal Bay Course

Course Hole by Hole Flyover

Local Rules

Out of Bounds      (Rule 27)

(a) Beyond the Boundaries of the Course

(b) On or over the lines defining the out of bounds

(c) When out of bounds is defined by reference to white stakes, the out of bounds line is determined by the inside points at ground level of the stakes.

(d) Underneath or beyond the steel fence on on the right of 12th Hole.


Immovable Obstructions      (Rule 24)

(a) Shelters, Seats, Bins and Permanent Tee Markers, Notices & Gravelled Pathways.

(b) Wire screen & supports on the 2nd, 3rd (Old Course) and 16th Holes

(c) Watering Installations, Winter Mats and Timber Frames.

(d) 200, 150 & 100 Metre Markers/Discs, Blue/Yellow/Red Stakes at side of fairways and Yellow stakes defining Water Hazards.

(e) Stakes & ropes defining pathways.

(f) E.S.B. poles and support wires

(g) Steel viewing stands


Electrical Standards and Electric Wires

If a ball strikes any electrical cable directly over the course or any electrical pole or standard on the course, the stroke MUST be cancelled and replayed without penalty. A player may NOT obtain relief if his direction of play is interfered with by electrical, poles & wires.



A ball lying on and tee (top or side) must be played as it lies.


Ground Under Repair

(a) Any area circled with a white line or marked G.U.R.

(b) All Gravel / Sand topped drains


Stones in Bunkers

Stones in Bunkers are moveable obstructions (Rule 24 – 1 applies)


Water Hazards

Water Hazards defined by Yellow Stakes or Lines. A ball lying on any bridge within the margins or a Water Hazard is in the hazard.


Wrong Putting Green

The alternative putting greens on holes 6,18 and 9 (Old Course) are wrong putting greens.


Right of Way

(a) Players on the 17th green have priority other those on the 2nd tee.

(b) Players on the 2nd tee have priority over those on those on the 18th tee both Ladies & Men

(c) Players on the 4th tee have priority over those on the 10th green and 11th tee

(d) Those playing in Competition have priority over all others.


Penalty for breach of Local Rules

Matchplay – Loss of Hole        Strokeplay – 2 strokes


Additional Local Rules are posted in the clubhouse.

A short par four to begin, don’t be fooled by the card distance, any pull or slice for your first shot will leave you needing an accurate approach to a green with out of bounds long, bunker to the right and a large drop to the left.

Hole 1 Flyover

2nd Hole

A testing par five that only the long hitters will attempt to reach in two. Out of bounds down the left off the tee will often entice you to aim out right. Everything feeds in from the right hand side to the green. Over-hitting your approach to the green will leave you with a tough up and down.

Hole 2 flyover

3rd Hole

A long uphill par 4. A straight tee shot is required to leave a long iron to the green. Protected by bunkers on both sides local knowledge may advise you to play a club short rather than trying to stop a ball on this green.

Hole 3 flyover

4 Hole
This hole has out of bounds all down the left with trees lining the right. A long par 4 that allows the brave to attack the flag with stopping the ball dead on the green below you very manageable.  There’s a couple of bunkers that might want to make you think twice!
Hole 5 Arrow

A tricky dog leg par 4 left over the bridge. The bigger hitters may want to leave the driver in the bag for the tee shot, finesse is required here, not brute force. The lone tree is a good line to take on, anything pulled left will leave bogey a probability. The elevated green protected by two large bunkers provides a fantastic challenge for all golfers.

Hole 5 flyover

6th Hole

Out of bounds up the left hand side means an accurate tee shot will leave a short iron to this inviting green. A real scoring hole with birdie on most golfer’s minds.

Hole 6 flyover

7th Hole

The 7th will challenge the big hitters, with bunkers and a dog leg to contend with but the good drive can really be rewarded with the fairway opening to a receptive green, can you make this Par 5 in two and give yourself an eagle chance?


Hole 7 flyover

8th Hole

Surely the signature hole of the Youghal Bay Course, this Par 3 over a stream will test the best of us and if the wind is blowing, it can range between a driver and a 8 iron! … good luck!


Hole 8 flyover

9th Hole

This challenging par 4 needs a long straight tee shot. Your second or third veering left over the water requires both bravery and accuracy. Anything left short will leave you with a tricky shot up the hill. Be happy with a par!

Hole 9 flyover

10th Hole

The first of the back nine is a challenging uphill par 4. Trees line your right and taking on the slight corner will bring a bunker in to play. Your second generally plays longer than it looks with bunkers short of the green more than willing to swallow up anything that doesn’t have enough club.

Hole 10 flyover

11th Hole

The first of 3 in our own ‘amen corner’ where anyone playing off 13 or less won’t have a shot. This par 4 dog leg right will tempt the bigger hitters to take on the corner while the safer options will leave a short iron downhill to the green. More than a fair will run through this green, leaving with one point… or less.

Hole 11 flyover

12th Hole

Taking on the corner is a huge gamble. Anything slightly right of target is out of bounds. A mid or high iron is needed by most to this generous green. Don’t go long as you will find all kinds of trouble in the bushes.

Hole 12 flyover

Hole 13

A deceptively tough par 3 protected on both sides by bunkers and trees. A straight mid iron should see you leaving with a par, anything wayward and you’ll need to do some serious scrambling.

Hole 13 flyover

14th Hole

One of the toughest tee shots on the course awaits on the par 4 14th. Right is lined with out of bounds all the way to the green while trees take out the safe option of going left off the tee. Straight and true will leave you with a mid to long iron in to green with bunkers left and right. Par is a great result.

Hole 14 flyover

15th Hole

A slight dog leg left to this par 4 where a decent tee shot over the bank will leave you hoping of a birdie. Be careful not to hit the nasty bunker front right. Try to pick up 3 points here before facing in to 16 and 17.

Hole 15 flyover

18th Hole

A challenging par 3 with out of bounds very close down the left. A long tee shot down the hill can’t run through the green as it will leave a really tough shot back up. Aiming slightly right of the green is the shot of choice with everything feeding back in left.

Hole 16 flyover

17th Hole

A long uphill par 4. Trees line left and right and maybe consider taking an extra club on your uphill approach to this green. The green is protected both sides by bunkers with trees lining the back. Par is a good result before turning around to face the last.

Hole 17 flyover

18th Hole

This fairway opens up for a good drive with no real danger. A strong second is needed into a green where anything over hit will have you in all kinds of trouble. As you drain that final putt turn your attention to sinking something much more refreshing in our clubhouse bar overlooking Youghal bay. The team in the bar will be sure to have just the thing to help you celebrate your achievements or relieve the frustrations.

Hole 18 flyover

Some incredible views of Youghal Golf Club taken by drone that give you a sense of the golf holes and challenges for each that you can expect.  Enjoy!

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